Functional Medicine Pricing

Functional Medicine Pricing

Proper and adequate nutrition is the basis for a long, healthy life. Without the right amount of vitamins and minerals, we set ourselves up for many conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancers, and many other types of related disorders. Please check out the other sections for more information.

2017 Testing Pricing & Agreement

Turack Chiropractic’s Functional Medicine Pricing

$50 DEPOSIT required to schedule initial consultation

Nutrition ConsultationsNot Billed to Insurance
30 Minute Initial Consultation | $100
60 Minute Initial Consultation | $200
Follow Up Consultation – starts at $200
*$200 covers the review of 1 set of test results – each additional test covered is additional $100 to review the results

Testing Options Offered
**There are additional fees to have the tests processed by the labs which depends on your insurance**
ALCAT Food Sensitivity – Blood Collection
LabCorp/Quest Bloodwork -Blood Collection

Genova Dianostics Test*
GI Effects (Stool Collection)
+ Bacterial Add On
+ Zonulin Add On
Complete Hormones
(24hr Urine Collection)
NutrEval (Blood and Urine Collection)
+Genomic Add On (Saliva Collection)
Adrenocortex Stress Profile
(Saliva Collection)
IgE Food Antibodies – 87
IgG foods + Total IgE (Blood Collection)
Optimum Nutrition Eval
(Urine Collection)


*There will be additional fees for processing the tests.
Genova Diagnostics 
Great Plains Labs 
Alcat – Cell Science Systems