About the facility

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of every individual that seeks our help and to empower them to live at their best. We take the time to address the needs and concerns of our patients and equip them with the knowledge and tools to positively impact their health. We hope to promote wellness and preventive care by incorporating chiropractic care, proper nutrition and exercise. What makes our facility truly special is our team of experts that are passionate about helping people live empowered. We specialize in chiropractic care, nutrition and functional medicine, as well as the science of exercise and injury prevention. Whatever your goals may be, we can help you get there.


Our Methodology


Our Success Stories

  • Dr. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. His treatments are personalized to each patient and always involve exercise and home care strategies for healthy living. I recommend Dr. Dan to anyone looking to get out of pain or improve their performance.
    Tim L., Pittsburgh
  • DR. TURACK FIXED ME!! He was great! He explained everything he did and why he was doing it, showed me on a chiropractic poster where my problem was and sent me home with exercises. After a few weeks of treatments I’m as good as new….if you are looking for a great chiropractor you just found him!
    Darlene L., Pittsburgh
  • Dr. Dan and his team have helped me move from injury to better over all health. I am now able to play basketball again and participate more fully in life. I recommend him for chiropractic care and over all wellness. BTW check out his light bed to beat the winter blues. It works!
    Mike A., Pittsburgh
  • I cannot recommend Dr. Dan more - if you have any sort of issue with your feet, hips, back, neck, nerves, ANYTHING - I am certain he can help. I know that he is the reason I am walking to this day and I am so grateful.
    Nick B., Wexford