GOATA Training

GOATA Training – Fluid Movement Locomotive Training

Using the GREATEST OF ALL TIME ATHLETES, we have decoded the safest most secure way to run,  swing, jump, or throw fast and avoid getting hurt. The SCIENCE is in THEIR body. We can now review your movements and apply training principles to maximize your body potential and improve your movement while drastically reducing your risk for non-contact injury through the GOATA Training – Fluid Movement Locomotive Training.

GOATA Movement System and Beat Fitness teach the Greatest of All Time Athletes’ locomotive patterns. G.O.A.T.’s like Tom Brady, Deion Sanders, Pele, Maradona, Barry Sanders, Roger Federer, Ali, Serena Williams, Martina Navratilova, Jerry Rice, and Michael Jordan all had multi-decade careers and were durable and pain-free while performing. It is the locomotive genius who wins. Not the biggest, strongest or even the fastest.  You can destroy the competition by out moving them “beating them to the spot or throwing to the spot”. Speed, power, strength, and agility don’t mean a thing if you’re always injured, afraid to perform or being slowed by useless bulk.

By using modern day video technology to assess clients, we can demystify what’s hurting your body and remove the curse of chronic pain and under-performance forever. Yes, you can have your “life” or your “A game” back. In sum, the GOATA’s (greatest of all-time athletes) have secret movements which, until the recent app technology, have been a closely guarded secret. Now that the naked eye is no longer guiding our understanding, the puzzle has been solved and is now being coached!

GOATA Shape:

    • Aka: posture, balance, shape, position:
      • Before athletes move, their body has a default balance state which is destroyed by modern-day chairs, sedentary lifestyle and unusual repetitive movements like video games or seated driving. Down leveled or ‘poor’ shape will result in decreased performance and likely injury.

GOATA Indigenous Suppleness:

  • Soft is smooth, smooth is STRONG. The ability for the body to move easily, without restriction, through a number of positions is what we named Suppleness.
    • Tight muscles destroy movement quality and set the stage for acute strains, pulls, tears and sometimes complete severance of tissues from the bones. (avulsion fractures).

GOATA  Back Chain Dominant – Spinal Security:

  • The back chain holds the spine safe during high-level forward locomotives. Protecting your life force is crucial for performance and longevity as well as the back chain is responsible for most of forward locomotive brilliance.

The GOATA TRIPLE Pressure wave Singularity:

  • When the three main spiral pressure wave engines of the body – the hip, shoulder and spinal engine – release in a synchronized fluid wave, the athlete begins to enjoy the complete dominance over their locomotive counterparts.

Because of the lack of understanding of systemic connective tissue function, most coaches teach muscle based concepts, and their athletes may suffer from injury and under-performance never to reach their real potential. Only through training and mastering of the GOATA triple pressure wave system can you achieve the greatest of your genetic musculoskeletal movement potential!!

GOATA locomotion patterns taught at Beat Fitness in Wexford, Pa.

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