About Us

Turack Chiropractic and Performance Health

Our clinic was founded on the principal of “Movement is Life.”  Without adequate and well distributed motion in your body, you will never move to your greatest potential.  We help you obtain maximum mobility and stability throughout every day motions and exercises.  If you move at your best,  you live at your best.  We work to assist you in developing the ability of “Body Sense.”  Body sense may also be known as Body Awareness, and is basically your ability to feel and listen to what your body is telling  you.  The greater your Body Sense, the greater ability you have to move in an optimal range of motion.  Body sense helps you to activate proper muscles at the correct time during exercise which greatly reduces your risk for injury.  Body Sense helps you to move and live at your best. We will help you to live at your best.

Chiropractic is a “holistic” or natural form of healthcare that focuses on treating the actual cause of pain or disease, as opposed to treating your symptoms. Care is focused on removing physical and chemical interference, allowing your body to heal itself naturally. This is the key to living a structurally pain free life.

Let us help you and show you the difference that Turack Chiropractic & Performance Health can make for you!