The Clinic


Our clinic was founded on principles of function within the human body. Movement and nutrition are two of the greatest aspects that affect our quality of life as well as the length of which we live. Without movement, there is no life, and without nutrition there is no health. A healthy life is composed of proper and adequate movement and nutrition.

Our clinic focuses on these principles and educates all patients on the importance of such. Proper movement begins at the core of our bodies and the core of our body is our spine. It is our lifeline. If we do not have adequate movement in the joints in our spine we will develop problems further down the line (shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles). Imagine a house with a broken foundation. You can dress it up with all the paint and new siding that you want, but that house will never be worth a dime with a broken foundation.

Movement is the first key to life. The second key is proper nutrition. Without the right amounts of vitamins and minerals we will become deficient in the basic building blocks of life and therefore develop DISEASE. Adequate nutrition is acquired through a diet rich in whole foods, grass fed meats, chicken, and fish. Supplementation is necessary in many cases when adequate levels of vitamins and minerals are not obtained through our diet. Functional movement and nutrition are what we specialize in and every patient is evaluated for deficiencies that may be present in either category. True health and wellness can only be obtained when both area’s reach maximum improvement. We will get you there.