Beat Fitness

Beat Fitness

Beat Fitness focuses on empowered living by achieving the optimal state of health in body and mind through instruction on proper body movements and techniques!

Today’s sedentary work environment limits functional movement. Inactivity and poor ergonomics compromise the health of both body and mind. Heart Disease, the leading cause of death in the United States, and common low back pain, experienced by 80% of people, are considered totally preventable!

Beat Fitness offers the solution!

Beat Fitness exercise foundations offer solutions that are easily applied to everyday living. Our commitment creates a lifestyle for better everyday living, not just a new gym routine. The choice is yours!

The BEAT FITNESS TEAM engineers classes for all ages and all levels of fitness. Our focus on ergonomically correct postural movements, proper breathing and core stability maximizes each repetition in effectiveness and health benefits. Our passion to live an empowered life drives our commitment to you – ALL DAY – EVERY DAY!

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