Athletic Injury


If you’re looking for chiropractic treatment for athletic injuries in Wexford, PA or the Greater Pittsburgh area, turn to Dr. Daniel Turack and the team at Turack Chiropractic for the help you need.

We offer a holistic approach to treating sports and acute/chronic injuries that goes above and beyond traditional care. Our Wexford chiropractic clinic not only offers you drug and surgery free treatment but also preventative, performance, and most of all, life-enhancing care.

We’ve found that the many patients seeking chiropractic care for athletic injuries in Wexford and Western PA are needlessly suffering from avoidable sports injuries that stubbornly refuse to respond to ordinary treatment.

Holistic vs. Traditional Athletic Injury Treatment

We don’t like to see anyone play with pain; let alone live in pain. A cortisone injection or prescription pain pill may temporarily get you back in the game but these remedies are short-term fixes that merely mask pain symptoms. In fact, it’s this kind of deceptive treatment that actually makes many athletic injuries more serious and longer lasting.

Even if you do recoup from an athletic injury with chemical or surgical aid, if you remain active, any continued improper body positioning and movement, fast starts and sudden stops, of full-body-contact if you play competitively, will continue to wreck havoc on your back and spine, joints and muscles, tendons and ligaments, and nerves.

Changing the way your body moves and listening to what your body tells you is critical. We can help you achieve this greater “Body Sense” and reduce your risk for injury moving forward.

People Are Integrated Beings

Our motto when it comes to the care we deliver is “Movement is Life.” Active people – whether it’s a professional, college, or high school athlete, a weekend warrior, a gym rat, or a playful child – place an immense amount of stress on their back and their body’s structural system.

Sprains and strains, tendinitis and bursitis, and joint pain become more pronounced, difficult to “play or work through”, and even debilitating at times.

Well-organized movement begins in the brain. It’s a matter of reversing bad patterns or habits. Listening to signals your body sends to your brain. Knowing what muscles to activate and when. The goal of Dr. Turack’s Wexford chiropractic treatment for athletic injuries is to maximize your body’s mobility and stability through basic motions and exercises. Aspects of our chemical-free natural and holistic athletic injury treatment include:

  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Soft Tissue Treatment
  • Nutritional Support

Our patients leave our Wexford chiropractic clinic with a greater “Body Sense” or body awareness that not only heals athletic injuries naturally but also optimizes their range of motion, health, and maximum function. Call us today to inquire about our chiropractic treatment for athletic injuries in Wexford, PA.