FAKTR-PM stands for Functional and Kinetic Treatment with Rehabilitation, Provocation and Motion. This treatment focuses on treatment of soft tissue (muscle, ligament, tendon, fascia) injuries through ranges of motion that are painful or provoke the injury. Many times, injuries may go dormant for years before resurfacing later in life due to repetitive stress, poor posture, lack of movement, or irritation through exercise.

The goal of FAKTR treatment is to assist in normal and adequate tissue healing through stimulation of the tissue through a full range of motion. The Doctor may also use weighted or resistance exercises to fully stress the tissues under maximal tension to assist in complete tissue treatment. Visits are typically 15-30 minutes long and the patient is recommended to wear athletic clothing for ease of movement. FAKTR PM may be a successful treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions ranging from sprains, strains, bruises, scars, athletic injuries, repetitive stress injuries, postural imbalance, and many other bodily injuries.

This treatment was recently developed and has been extremely successful in management and reduction of scar tissue and muscle or fascial irritation. The Doctor may use this treatment in conjunction with other manual therapy techniques such as myofascial release, kinesiotaping, manipulation, and rehabilitation to aid in your healing process.