Dr. Dan believes in taking the quickest route towards healing individuals, as opposed to long, drawn out treatment plans lasting years. In certain cases Dr. Dan may pair chiropractic adjustments with different forms of soft tissue therapy which will help to increase the healing cascade. Myotherapy is just that, a combination of different soft tissue techniques that help to increase activities such as circulation, lymphatic drainage, range of motion, and decrease things such tightness, soreness, and most importantly pain. Dr. Dan has taken numerous classes on various soft tissue treatments, including but not limited to, Graston Technique, FAKTR-PM, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. The main forms of soft tissue treatment are either hands only, or IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization). Both treatments function by breaking up fibrous adhesion’s and scar tissue that can either be formed by micro trauma (repetitive stress injuries) or macro trauma (single accident). When normal healthy muscle, ligament or tendon tissue loses its normal integrity (stretch, composition, contractility) it is said to become ‘dysfunctional’. This dysfunctional tissue can create a whole host of other problems leading to joint problems, pain, tissue breakdown, and mobility/movement pattern disorders.