Functional Testing

Nutritional Testing in Pittsburgh

We have one simple rule when it comes to your health. “We Don’t Guess, We TEST!”

Dr. Daniel Turack and the staff at Wexford’s Turack Chiro use a variety of comprehensive diagnostic tools designed to help us understand why you’re sick and what we can do to help you regain your health.

We wholeheartedly believe that many common health conditions are a reactionary response to excess or insufficient hormonal levels, nutritional deficiencies, and lifelong exposure to toxic metals like mercury, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, lead, and nickel.

Therefore, we believe that testing for these things gives us a baseline level to work with. We can then help patients improve imbalances found within their body to alleviate symptoms, help prevent many chronic conditions, feel better and live healthier.

Our Wexford, PA clinic offers Pittsburgh-area residents the following functional diagnostic testing:

ALCAT Food & Chemical Sensitivity Test

Food allergies are much more prevalent today than they were in year’s past. Believe it or not, food intolerance is even more abundant. It’s just harder to diagnose since food sensitivities come on gradually and aren’t life threatening. People just think they have intestinal gas, heartburn, inexplicable nausea, nervousness, or irritability.

The problem is most conventional food allergy testing can’t accurately diagnose food sensitivity and intolerance problems. These tests can merely confirm the presence of food allergy-specific IgE molecules, which have no bearing on food sensitivity issues.

The ALCAT test administered by Dr. Turack is a blood test that measures the body’s symptomatic reaction to over 350 foods and chemicals. It is much more comprehensive than an IgE test, has been in use for over 25 years, and is recommended by over 3,000 U.S. and Canadian physicians as their preferred way to confirm food allergies and diagnose food sensitivity/intolerance issues.

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24 Hour Urine Toxic Metal Test

The health consequences associated with low-level, chronic toxic metal exposure are troubling. Early symptoms like an upset stomach, fatigue, headaches, aching joints, and depression are so common that nobody considers prolonged daily exposure to metals like arsenic, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and nickel as a possible source of trouble.

Few people think the mercury fillings in their mouth, the fluoride in their drinking water, and the antiperspirant they use every morning are making them sick, but countless studies indicate they are.

It’s also suspected that heavy metal toxicity is a big contributor to more cases of stunted neurological growth and development, autoimmune diseases, food/chemical sensitivities, allergies, and hormonal disturbances. It can take symptoms of these conditions years to manifest before a diagnosis can be made.

If you suspect that heavy metal toxicity may be wreaking havoc on your health, Dr. Turack in Wexford can administer a urine toxic heavy metal test to determine if metal toxicity is an issue.

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Hormonal Panel

People know about a teenager’s raging hormones, a menopausal woman’s “change of life”, and in recent years we’ve seen “Low T” become a marketing acronym for an aging male’s declining testosterone levels, but hormonal imbalances throughout life cause a myriad of health problems.

Dr. Turack offers several different male and female hormone tests at his Wexford clinic to determine if too much or too little of any hormone is compromising your health.

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