Food Allergy Testing in Pittsburgh


Food allergies and intolerances are relatively common, with researchers indicating that at least 15 million Americans having some form of allergy or intolerance to specific kinds of food. If you believe you’re experiencing a non life threatening food allergy reaction, Dr. Turack can administer the ALCAT food allergy testing for food sensitivity and intolerances in Pittsburgh PA.

Food Allergy Testing in Pittsburgh PA for a Variety of Symptoms

Food allergy testing in Pittsburgh PA can reveal the source of a surprising amount of allergy-related symptoms. Although the most common symptoms of food allergies are tingling and itching of the mouth, hives, and swelling, there are many additional food allergy symptoms that may go undetected as an allergic reaction. The following lists are possible food allergy symptoms that patients may experience during an allergic reaction.

Food Allergy Testing: Joint Symptoms

There are several food allergy symptoms that stem from the joints during an allergic reaction. These food allergy symptoms include:

Arthralgia and Arthritis: Arthralgia

is a term for joint pain, and it can be directly related to food allergies and intolerances. Arthralgia can be commonly confused with arthritis, as both symptoms involve pain and stiffness in the joints. However, both joint conditions can be triggered by food allergies; pay close attention to the timing of your joint pain after consuming suspicious foods.

Swollen Ankles, Knees and Feet:

Edema is a form of fluid retention that can collect around the knees, ankles and feet. The onset of Edema in the joints can be brought on by food allergies, where you’ll experience swelling in one or more joint areas. The food allergy symptom that most commonly triggers swollen joints is dairy. Food allergy testing in Pittsburgh PA can pinpoint the source of Edema from food allergies.

Food Allergy Testing: Musculoskeletal Symptoms

Food allergy symptoms can also manifest in several musculoskeletal symptoms. This form of symptoms include:

Back Pain:

Back pain can be related to a wide range of health or musculoskeletal issues, but backaches can be a result to certain food allergies as well. If you’re experiencing unexplainable back pain, consider receiving food allergy testing in Pittsburgh PA from Dr. Turack.

Food allergies and symptoms can manifest themselves in unexpected forms, including through the skeletal and muscle systems. Dr. Turack administers top-of-the-line food allergy in Pittsburgh PA for patients who are experiencing both typical and lesser-known food allergy symptoms. Schedule food allergy testing in Pittsburgh PA to get to the bottom of your musculoskeletal and joint pain symptoms.