“HANDS DOWN the BEST doctor I have ever seen. I am not exaggerating when I say that I thank God for Dr. Dan every day, because I know that if it wasn’t for him taking the time to actually figure out what was wrong with me and help me, I wouldn’t be able to walk to this day.

When I first started going to Turack Chiro, I was having such severe foot pain for so long that I hadn’t walked in almost 8 months. I had seen 4 doctors previously (2 foot doctors, an orthopedic surgeon and a pain management doctor) who tried all sorts of medicines, shots and even plasma injections, but I kept getting worse and worse. They basically told me that my pain was all in my head, that I had an uncureable nerve condition called RSD or CRPS, that they didn’t know the cause of my foot pain, and that I would need to be on medication with scary side effects for the rest of my life, which by the way, might not even help. I CRINGE when I think what could have happened to me if a friend hadn’t recommended going to Dr. Turack Chiropractic.

After my first appointment with Dr. Dan, I had hope for the first time. He spent almost an hour with me, asking a ton of questions, doing a ton of physical tests and examining my entire body, not just my bad foot, like all the previous doctors had done. He takes a whole-body approach and eventually figured out what was really wrong with me (long story short, basically I had nerve damage in my ankle and hips due to a scar tissue from an old ankle sprain and a surgery that never healed properly and also had nerve damage in my ankle from walking improperly because I was not able to curl my toes).

After just one month of treatment with Dan and doing everything he recommended, I was able to take a few steps on my own without a boot!Four months later, I am now able to go about my day-to-day life without even thinking about foot pain, like a normal healthy person again! Just last week, I started taking walks and even running short distances and am planning on running in the Pittsburgh Marathon relay in May.

I cannot recommend Dr. Dan more – if you have any sort of issue with your feet, hips, back, neck, nerves, ANYTHING – I am certain he can help. I know that he is the reason I am walking to this day and I am so grateful.”

“I went to eight doctors and even had my gallbladder removed unnecessarily in search of cause for my pain. The second I spoke to Dr. Turack I immediately felt like I was being treated differently. He refused to make immediate recommendations but instead studied my extensive medical workup from previous doctors before recommending treatment. As soon as we began to work on the pain I noticed an improvement. Dr. Turack is friendly, professional and passionate about his work. I even recommended him to my family. It is six weeks later and I can barely remember how horrible I used to feel. Best medical decision I ever made!!!!

Jennifer, Wexford PA.

From Dr. Dan-

This Patient came to our office with a long previous Medical History in which she was suffering from right sided abdominal and mid back pain. After completing a thorough review of her case and her presentation, it was determined that she was suffering from a severe case of Costochondritis. Costo-(rib)-Chond-(cartilage)-itis-(inflammation). This patient had a history of sleeping on her right side which can compress the rib musculature and cartilage and is often confused with Gallbladder symptoms or pain. After 4 weeks of Graston treatment and other soft tissue therapies she experienced almost 100% improvement in her condition. Her pain is now virtually gone with occasional flare-ups due to sleeping positions and activity levels. She was put on a course of care including Spinal Adjustments, Physical therapy exercises, and Soft tissue treatment. We saw dramatic improvement in the first week of treatment although her condition was so widespread to her abdomen and rib musculature that she took a few more weeks to notice complete improvement. This patient is now pain free and living life with the knowledge that she needs to prevent her condition from reaching such extreme measures.

” I consulted with Dr. Turack in January 2012 with health concerns such as high blood pressure, high glucose, and being overweight. Without any scolding, Dr. Dan placed me on a simple detox program, advised a workout program, recommended supplements, and gave me nutritional counseling. Since my initial visit to The Natural Center for Health, I have lost 20 lbs., slept much better, and have no back pain. All this without Prescription medication!! Forget the prescription pads and multiple medications. I would highly recommend Dr. Turack and The Natural center for Health to anyone with any type of health problems.”

Debra P., Pittsburgh PA

“Laser therapy helped my lower back heal a lot quicker than I expected. It was noticeable on days that I didn’t do laser therapy, I was in a lot more pain. If it wasn’t for laser therapy, I would still be in a lot of pain.”
Last summer our daughter’s skin started breaking out.  At first we thought maybe it was just her age but as it worsened we realized something else was at play.  We decided to have the ALCAT test done to see if we couldn’t get to the bottom of the issue through her diet.  We opted for the platinum version as we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  When her test results came there wasn’t a food in her ‘severe’ or ‘moderate’ sensitivity that stood out as a possible culprit.  Several days later I offered my daughter a piece of gum… When I stopped and decided to read the ingredients.  Aspartame was listed AND was a ‘severe intolerance’ listed in her ALCAT results (in the ‘food additives/colorings’).  As I thought about it I realized she had started chewing gum regularly last summer (same time her skin started breaking out).   We went to the store to find her gum that didn’t contain aspartame but found EVERY brand contained it (Wholefoods carries a brand called ‘Spry’ that is ok), so we discontinued it right away.  Within 3DAYS, her skin started clearing up… And has continued to do so each and every day!  Without the ALCAT test, there is no way I would have ever thought her gum was the issue.  What I love about the ALCAT test is that it not only checks food  sensitivities, it checks food additives/colorings, functional medicines/herbs, environmental chemicals, molds, medicinal chemicals.  As each member of our family has been tested, we have come to realize how fundamental the ALCAT test has been in achieving health!