Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy

With Peripheral Neuropathy, numbness and tingling in your hands and feet can spread through your extremities and cause shooting pain along with a burning sensation. This condition is a result of nerve damage, and it can bring great discomfort during your day-to-day life. If you’re seeking relief and need options for Peripheral Neuropathy treatment, Dr. Daniel Turack is a chiropractor in Wexford PA who can provide treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy.

As the peripheral nervous system stems from the brain and spine, using a chiropractor in Wexford PA for Peripheral Neuropathy treatment can relieve related pain and symptoms. Although the severity of Peripheral Neuropathy can vary from person to person, Dr. Turack can assist with chiropractic treatment for mild to serve cases of the condition. Since Peripheral Neuropathy involves the spine, chiropractic adjustments are an option for Peripheral Neuropathy treatment.

Chiropractic Solutions for Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Adjusting the spine will increase blood flow and oxygen to the damaged nerves, allowing nerves to begin to repair as symptoms are decreased or eliminated. Peripheral Neuropathy is notoriously difficult to treat, but seeking chiropractic treatment options is a non-invasive and drug-free solution to reducing symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy.

Chiropractic adjustments work to reverse nerve damage, but it is a process that may not yield immediate results. As with any chronic condition, dedication to your treatment plan is critical for optimal results. Instead of masking pain with over the counter painkillers, using a chiropractor in Wexford PA for Peripheral Neuropathy treatment can get to the root of the problem.

Dietary Solutions for Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

In addition to chiropractic adjustments as a form of Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment, nutrition can also serve as another option of relieve. Dr. Turack is a nutritionist in Wexford PA, who can create a nutritional diet regimen that assists in decreasing your Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms. Peripheral Neuropathy is also related to poor diet and vitamin deficiencies (primarily in diabetics), and Dr. Turack can closely examine your current diet and offer nutritional advice to relieve your pain and symptoms

Whether your route to relief involves chiropractic adjustments or a chance in nutritional habits, Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment is available through Dr. Turack. As a chiropractor in Wexford PA, Dr. Turack can offer Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment solutions that are specific to your personal needs. To schedule an appointment, contact the office of Dr. Turack at 724-940-3499. We look forwarding to helping you manage your Peripheral Neuropathy without the use of drugs or invasive surgery.