Your First Visit


Congratulations on the first step towards better health. We are so excited that you have taken the time to check out our website and see what we offer!

Turack Chiropractic Office Tour

Your First Appointment

We want your first visit to be a comfortable experience. There are some things that we need you to do to create a patient profile. There are intake forms for you to complete, unless you print them at home and fill them out before your arrival. We will also need you to sign in at the front kiosk when you arrive – the information you enter here will be a running history of your complaints and pain levels.

If we have your insurance information ahead of time, we will be able to look up your benefits. We will share this information with you as soon as we have it available. **Please note, even though we can call in and check your benefits, the information they relay to us may not be completely correct. We do the best we can to find out the most accurate insurance benefit information for you, but each company reminds us that until an insurance claim is processed, they cannot guarantee how it will be processed and paid.**

Initial Exam

During your initial exam, you will discuss your current condition with the doctor – make sure to relay pertinent information such as previous surgeries, injuries and accidents to the doctor. After discussing your condition we will conduct a thorough chiropractic exam which will allow us to have a better understanding of your condition and what treatments will be best. In some instances, the doctor may take x-rays or refer you for other testing.


The treatment provided at Turack Chiropractic is very individualized and varies patient to patient. This may include soft tissue work such as trigger point therapy and Graston technique, physical therapy exercises, manual stretching and will almost always include a full spinal adjustment. Some patients may find relief after their first appointment, while others may take several treatments to feel a significant difference. Keep in mind, often the injuries we incur are from years of repetitive movements with poor form and posture. These kinds of issues may take longer to recover from and will require active participation in home care exercises.

Our Techniques include:

  • Diversified Adjusting / Manipulation
  • Flexion Distraction Technique
  • Myofascial Release
  • Pin and Stretch Therapy
  • Spinal Corrective Exercises & Stretches
  • Movement Screenings
  • Functional Rehabilitation
  • Kinesiology Taping